Choosing the right tools

MSPs will generally use both an RMM and a PSA tools in their operations, in addition to other 3rd party solutions, as they all serve different purposes and complement each other. The choice of a specific tool within each category depends on factors such as:

  • Integration: MSPs often prefer tools that can seamlessly integrate with other software they use. For instance, some RMM tools have built-in integrations with specific PSA tools, making it easier for MSPs to manage their IT services and business operations in a cohesive manner.

  • Features and functionality: MSPs need to consider the specific features they require and how well a particular tool meets those requirements. For example, an MSP with a heavy focus on network management may prioritize an RMM tool with advanced network monitoring capabilities, or adopt a 3rd party networking solution.

  • Scalability: As MSPs grow, their software tools must be able to scale with them. It's essential to choose tools that can accommodate an expanding client base and handle an increasing volume of work.

  • Ease of use and customization: MSPs should consider how easy it is to learn and use a specific tool and how much customization it allows to adapt to their unique workflows and processes.

  • Cost: Pricing models and total cost of ownership can vary between different tools. MSPs must carefully evaluate their budget constraints and ensure that the chosen tool provides the best value for their investment.

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