Working with Clients on Compliance

As trusted IT partners, MSPs play a critical role in helping their clients achieve and maintain compliance with industry regulations and standards. This section will cover how MSPs can collaborate with their clients to ensure compliance, from setting expectations and providing guidance to offering compliance-focused services and solutions.

Setting Compliance Expectations with Clients

To help clients achieve and maintain compliance, MSPs should:

  • Clearly communicate the role of the MSP in supporting clients' compliance efforts, including the services and solutions provided

  • Establish a shared understanding of the client's compliance obligations and the associated risks

  • Define the client's responsibilities in achieving and maintaining compliance, such as providing necessary information and implementing recommended security measures

  • Educating clients about their compliance responsibilities

  • Aligning services with clients' regulatory requirements

  • Collaborating with clients on incident response and risk management

Providing Compliance Guidance and Education

MSPs can support their clients' compliance efforts by:

  • Educating clients on relevant regulations and standards and their implications for the client's business

  • Offering guidance on best practices for achieving and maintaining compliance, tailored to the client's specific needs and industry

  • Regularly updating clients on changes to regulations and standards that may impact their compliance status

Offering Compliance-Focused Services and Solutions

To further assist clients in achieving compliance, MSPs can offer specialized services and solutions, such as:

  • Compliance assessments and audits to identify gaps and areas for improvement

  • Remediation services to help clients address identified compliance issues

  • Managed security services that help clients maintain a secure IT environment and meet regulatory requirements

  • Compliance-focused toolsets and integrations to streamline the compliance management process

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